The evolution of wireless technology is enabling economies, driving productivity and connecting families in new ways. At the core of this innovation are wireless networks and as adoption increases, so does demand and dependence on the network. To sustain the evolving needs, new networks need to be deployed and capacity constraints need to be addressed faster than ever.

For new Carriers there is urgency to deploy the network to serve new markets and deliver returns to stakeholders. For incumbent Carriers the speed of evolution places pressure to maintain a best in class network while designing and deploying the next generation.

Offering expertise and agility, the NetWorks team can engage to complement the existing Carrier team to support technology planning, wireless network design and deployment with engineering and project management resources.

NetWorks is a division of WirelessWorks Solutions Ltd.

Technology Strategy

With expert industry knowledge in technologies such as LTE, WIMAX, HSPA, CDMA, GSM, 802.11 and proprietary technologies, the NetWorks team can assist in determining the technology that will best enable the business needs to be met. Technology Strategy Services include:

  • Leading discovery sessions to uncover the key business drivers and constraints that will ultimately determine the right network technology
  • Identification of the best-suited technology options based on business needs, targeted services, spectrum constraints, budget, and technology eco-system
  • Preparation of total-cost-of-ownership studies to provide budgetary forecasts among the technology options, considering CAPEX and OPEX, to provide equivalent or near-equivalent services, customized to the market
  • Technology tradeoff study report with recommendations

Acquisition Planning

Spectrum needs and availability varies greatly in different regions of the world. Prior to planning a network, consideration needs to be given to spectrum requirements, including the business drivers, as well as the economic and social benefits to the communities being served. The NetWorks team can engage to support spectrum a spectrum acquisition strategy based on the technology options being considered and market factors. Spectrum Acquisition and Planning Services include:

    • Spectrum availability research
    • In-market coverage studies
    • Capacity analysis derived from market size and service
    • Research on ecosystem of network infrastructure equipment and devices across spectrum

Network Planning

As technology evolves, enabling new experiences and efficiencies for consumers, enterprise and governments, the demands on wireless networks continue to grow. This availability and adoption of new services is an opportunity to drive revenue and growth, but also requires strategic planning and investment to support the capacity requirements.

To ensure that the network can support the growth, the NetWorks team will facilitate the planning process to consider business objectives, needs and constraints which provides the criteria for evaluating technology options. Planning services include:

  • Budgetary wireless network design
  • Technical evaluation studies
  • RFP creation, response evaluation, and vendor selection
  • Acceptance test planning
  • Vendor product evaluation/characterization/testing

Network Design

To accelerate deployment of a new network or quickly address capacity constraints, the NetWorks team will collaborate to lead or support network design for Macro or DAS networks. With expertise in WiMAX 802.16e, CDMA, UMTS, HSPA, 802.11abg, GSM, GPRS, and DBV-H over a wide range of frequency bands, the team is able to provide RF and IP engineering design services across many wireless product platforms from several equipment vendors. Network Design services include:

  • Capacity and frequency planning
  • Detailed RF network design
  • IP Network architecture and design
  • Backhaul and transport design (microwave and/or wireline options)
  • Antenna configuration, placement, and orientation

Network Deployment and Validation

Beyond wireless network planning and design services, the NetWorks team can help deploy and validate wireless networks. With experience in networks of varying sizes, from campus-sized to large-city deployments the team can engage in a variety of capacities including:

  • Turn-key project management
  • Site acquisition and permit preparation and filing
  • Site survey
  • Wireless system integration
  • In-field RF site location evaluation through interference analysis and physical inspection
  • In-field wireless network optimization
  • Drive testing to validate coverage and performance
  • System/Cluster/site-level testing, troubleshooting, and remediation
  • Site audit and site acceptance

New Product Introduction

An effectively deployed and implemented new product introduction process enables an organization to properly manage product development activities in order to deliver the right products to the market at the right time, while keeping costs under control.

Using a disciplined approach, the Networks team can engage to move a product from concept to launch, collaborating with internal cross functional teams to ensure each stage of the process is completed efficiently and effectively.

To support the ongoing launch of new products and services, the team can introduce document templates, metrics and automate company specific NPI process steps, providing a complete process, where no critical steps are omitted.

NetWorks Value
  • Strategic and/or Tactical Support
  • Variable Cost Model
  • Turn-key Solutions or Project Based Services
  • Local Market Expertise & Relationships
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Quality & Accountability

  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and delivering results for our clients. Don't take our word for it though, see what some of our clients have to say about WirelessWorks

  • Throughout the project the WirelessWorks team demonstrated expertise in all aspects of the WiMAX design and deployment, was crucial to ensuring the project stayed on track, and demonstrated commitment to project success with a high degree of professionalism. We would not hesitate to reach out to WirelessWorks for future work and support, should the opportunity arise.

    BTC Bahamas
  • Contracting WirelessWorks is one of the best decisions we made. Their team has allowed Public Mobile to introduce new quality devices quickly and cost effectively. WirelessWorks helped us with a wide range of activities including creating technical specifications, RFP management, device testing and device vendor quality management. WirelessWorks is helping Public Mobile meet our changing work load demands throughout the year by providing us with access to their network of highly qualified people on demand.

    Brian O'Shaughnessy, CTO
    Public Mobile
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