• Case Study #1: Reaching the unserved market and expanding services

    Background: The client, an island nation incumbent telecommunications provider required a solution to address fixed wireless and legacy voice network outages, as well as to introduce broadband service to rural and unserved markets. The client has an existing GSM mobile network, a TDM Wireline Network delivering telephone and ADSL broadband services utilizing a partial NGN Core and a state of the art fiber backhaul network. To rapidly address this underserved population they opted to deploy a 802.16e WiMAX network.

    Engagement: In a customer advocacy capacity the team designed a Request for Proposal and distributed it to qualified vendors, evaluating them and identifying the short list of qualified vendors. Following vendor selection, the WirelessWorks team continued to act as the liaison between the carrier and the vendor. The project management component included overseeing network design, integration, site upgrades, power upgrades, equipment ordering, installation, commissioning, testing, network acceptance, test plan reviews, independent testing, acceptance of network.

    WirelessWorks engineers participated in the site visits with the client and the vendor to ensure RF design integrity, proper tower metrics, backhaul requirements, terrain and population evaluations. Network and topology diagrams were published to ensure integrity in the connections of the RAN to the CORE through the MPLS network.

    Result: The WirelessWorks team oversaw the project, liaising with stakeholders and managing risk to meet schedule and budget targets. The WIMAX network, now in operation has enabled voice and broadband data service for almost 100% of all previously underserved residents

  • Case Study #2: Technology and Spectrum Consulting

    Background: The client, an Incumbent Mobile and Wireline Telco needed to define a strategic direction that would consider the greatest ROI on the current network asset investment, while also supporting the future growth requirements. The current technology included a 2.5G mobile network and a fixed wireless local loop phone with dial up Internet service.

    Engagement: As part of the discovery the team identified the needs of both the organization and the market that it served. Through this, it was determined that a 3.5 and 4G broadband network would be required to support the growth plans.

    As part of this process a Spectrum analysis was done to research bandwidth availability in the target market, as well as to identify technical issues related to coverage that may impact serving the population. The technology options were either WiMAX as a data overlay network with a separate mobile network or the design and deployment of a HSPA/LTE.

    A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study was completed to provide a comparison between both technologies and an understanding of the relative cost. In addition, the measured performance of each technology to support the required services and availability of equipment was explored, to ensure viability of the chosen strategy. The TCO study validated that the technologies had a viable path to deliver 4G services and researched vendor device availability, as well as market drivers that influenced economies of scale for each eco-system.

    Result: The end result was a full technology recommendation which was presented to the client, as well as the President of the country and the Minister of Telecommunications. Both the technology and spectrum recommendations were applauded and accepted.

  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and delivering results for our clients. Don't take our word for it though, see what some of our clients have to say about WirelessWorks

  • Throughout the project the WirelessWorks team demonstrated expertise in all aspects of the WiMAX design and deployment, was crucial to ensuring the project stayed on track, and demonstrated commitment to project success with a high degree of professionalism. We would not hesitate to reach out to WirelessWorks for future work and support, should the opportunity arise.

    BTC Bahamas
  • Contracting WirelessWorks is one of the best decisions we made. Their team has allowed Public Mobile to introduce new quality devices quickly and cost effectively. WirelessWorks helped us with a wide range of activities including creating technical specifications, RFP management, device testing and device vendor quality management. WirelessWorks is helping Public Mobile meet our changing work load demands throughout the year by providing us with access to their network of highly qualified people on demand.

    Brian O'Shaughnessy, CTO
    Public Mobile
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