Brightstar expands North American Footprint with Acquisition of Ontario based WirelessWorks
  • Wireless Solutions

    Providing solutions to wireless service providers and OEMs

    WirelessWorks provides solutions to wireless service providers and OEMs to support their continued growth in the rapidly evolving wireless industry. With a team of industry experts and thought leaders, WirelessWorks Solutions support a broad spectrum of wireless from network design through to wireless device commercialization.

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  • Wireless Device Solutions

    The wireless device ecosystem is increasing in complexity, placing new demands on wireless service providers and OEMs. Increased competition and accelerated device replacement cycles further drive the need to strategically manage resources and investments.

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  • Wireless Network Solutions

    The evolution of wireless technology is enabling economies, driving productivity and connecting families in new ways. At the core of this innovation are wireless networks and as adoption increases, so does demand and dependence on the network.

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